Slick Fish Jig Head - 5 EASY STEP INSTRUCTIONS July 27, 2015 20:42

Below are instructions of how to rig Slick Fish Jig Heads using the custom Slick Fish Jig Head Insert:

STEP 1 - Line up your SLICK FISH JIG HEAD INSTERT next to the skirt to approximate where the eye will come through your skirt! (Please note, this step by step only works with Slick Fish Jig Head Inserts)

STEP 2 - Take a sharp object such as your hook point and make a small slit right in the center of where you lined up the eye to come through.

STEP 3 - Slide your jig head insert inside the skirt all the way up to the neck of the skirt. HINT - Water on your jig head may help it slide inside.

STEP 4 - Grab the jig head with your fingers and push it up inside the head of the skirt so the eye comes out the small slit you made.
STEP 5 - Push the eye so it comes out clean. Straighted out the skirt by messaging it in certain directions so it looks straight. NOW GO FISHING!!!