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Slick Fish skirts are used in many fisheries around the world. They can be rigged as single Slick Fish Lures for casting or trolling both freshwater and saltwater. Slick Fish Umbrella Rigs work great for striped bass, bluefish, and other inshore species. Slick Fish Spreader Bars are used for tuna, mahi, and as teasers for billfish. They can also be rigged on dredges for sailfish, marlin, etc. The strength and toughness of these Slick Fish baits, and the hollow body, allows for more rigging options than any other skirt on the market.
Slick Fish Products consist of Slick Fish Dredges, Slick Fish Spreader Bars, Slick Fish Daisy Chains, Slick Fish Jig Heads, Slick Fish Apparel, Slick Fish Skirts, Slick Fish Umbrella Rigs, Slick Fish Teasers, and more!
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