Slick Fish Teaser Dredge - 36" Frame

$ 299.99

Slick Fish Teaser Dredges are built to raise tuna, marlin, sailfish, mahi, and many other species. Best used with a 4+lb dredge weight in front and connected to either a cleated hand line, 80w+, or electric teaser dredge reel. These DO NOT have hooks. Keep 20-50ft behind the boat so the entire dredge is submerged. Proven to raise billfish and tunas of all kinds! 

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for the customer dredge to ship
  • Small Baits - 8"L x 1/2"W 
  • Medium Baits - 7.5"L x 5/8"W 
  • Large Baits - 9"L x 3/4"W 
  • XLarge Baits - 10"L x 1"W
  • All baits are rigged with an egg sinker inside
  • Total of 77 baits for Small and Medium Size: 5 baits on outside droppers, 4 baits on next inside droppers, 3 baits on inside droppers, and 5 baits on middle dropper.
  • Total of 58 baits for Large and XLarge Size: 4 baits on outside droppers, 3 baits on next inside droppers, 2 baits on inside droppers, and 4 baits on middle dropper.
  • 36" Dredge Frame: full branch swivel arms with swivel hub middle connection 

See the swimming action below!

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